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Location: United States

I'm 25 year old Wisconsin girl living in the city of neon and chrome who's slowly gaining her identity while losing all sense of reality.

30 March 2010

Poem For a Rainy Day.

Rainy day, umbrella blew away.
Wish I could stand getting soaked all day.
Smell like wet dog, dead worms, storm drains,
But still it rains, it rains, it rains.

People running by with newspaper hats,
Crazy need to hide like stray dog, mouse, or cat.
Drops keep on falling all fat, wet, and fast,
Everyone's asking 'Will it last?', 'Will it last?'.

Dripping umbrellas, wet indoor floors,
Squish-slushy walking, wet socks ever more.
Look out my window, my heart starts to soar,
How I love the days when it pours, when it pours.

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